MUJI DIY sheet masks

Muji DIY sheet masks
Sheet masks have been a hot topic in skincare for a while now. Originally hailing from Korea, their unusual appearance makes them look like they're more suited to a horror film than a quiet pamper night at home!

Appearances aside, sheet masks are a great way to infuse the skin with all sorts of skin-loving ingredients. At their base, they're just a giant sheet of paper with some eye/nose/mouth holes cut out (incredibly attractive) slathered in a high quality serum or cream. 

For a single use product, they can often seem a little pricey, but Muji have made it easy to make your own at home with their fantastic Compressed Face Masks.

These clever little things are essentially empty sheet masks which can work with any runny skincare product - just add a few pumps to the rolled up mask and unravel it to reveal a full sized sheet mask. You can load it up with toner, serum or even try your favourite face oil. Then simply pop it on your face, sit back and relax for 20 minutes and enjoy a bit of me time.

I've been loving playing around with these. It's been a bit of trial and error with products as I've found the mask needs to be quite wet to unroll and apply well, so don't use anything too heavy or sticky. A hydrating serum is currently my favourite - perfect for plumping up dehydrated winter skin. You do need to be quite generous with how much product you use - you're aiming for the mask to feel quite wet rather than just damp. 

The sheet masks work out to about 30p each (slightly cheaper if you buy the pack of 20), and come in packs of 5 and larger packs of 20. You can find them in Muji stores, tucked away with all the beauty accessories.

Do you like the look of these sheet masks from Muji?

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