3 cheap and easy ways to store and organise your makeup

Perfectly organised makeup features right near the top of my Pinterest life goals. There’s something so satisfying about having your makeup organised neatly, rather than my usual haphazard ‘throw it in a box approach’. While stack upon stack of Muji acrylic drawers might seem appealing, they’re not exactly cheap, so here are a few of my top ways to organise your collection on a budget.
cheap and easy ways to store and organise your makeup
Use empty boxes as drawer separators – subscribe to a beauty box? Your empty Glossybox/Birchbox/My Little Boxes make fantastic low cost drawer dividers. They’re deep enough for you to be able to stand up blushers/powders etc and also tend to fit inside most dressing table drawers without a struggle. Paperchase also do a good selection of cardboard gift boxes which would work equally well and cost around £3-£5 each depending on their size.

Ebay acrylic storage – Muji might be at the top of a lot of bloggers’ lists and I love it, but Ebay has some great dupes that are dirt cheap. This Ebay acrylic storage is perfect for displaying your favourite lipsticks and key products, while keeping them neat and tidy at the same time.

Mugs, jars and pots – when it comes to taller items, like pencils and brushes, I love to use a variety of mugs, jars and pots to store mine in. My flamingo print tumbler was a random Ikea purchase that now gets used to hold my favourite products of the week and my brushes get stored in a My Little Pony mug that the lovely All That Slap bought me for my birthday. H&M home has some great tall glass jars/pots that are between £5 and £10 each (just don’t say I didn’t warn you as their home stuff is addictive!) and TK Maxx is also another great place to look for less obvious choices than the cult white Ikea flower pot…

What are your favourite cheap ways to organise your makeup?

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