Lush Oxford Street Hauling

It’s been a long time since I stepped into a Lush. I always find them slightly overwhelming places because of all the amazing smelling products that seem to join together to form one sort of super product smell. Anyhow, scent-issues aside, they have just opened up a massive store on London’s Oxford Street, so I thought it was high time to head down and see what I’d been missing out on.

Lush Oxford Street has three floors, so it’s not somewhere to head to in a hurry unless you know exactly what you’re after. They have every Lush product you could think of, plus dozens of Oxford Street exclusives that you won’t find anywhere else.

Lush Oxford Street hauling
After a quick browse of the shelves, I decided to pop a little tub of Dream Cream in my basket as lots of you lovely people on Twitter told me it was a really good all round body moisturiser. I like the fact it’s got a light texture to it, but still seems to pack a punch in terms of hydration *goodbye horrible flaky skin bits*

Bath bombs aren't really my thing, but I liked the idea of their Bubbleroons as it seems like much better value for money (although without the fun fizzing action). Yuzu and Cocoa is a mix of sweet cocoa and fruity Yuzu and has a very chocolate orange smell to it. I decided I liked this scent so much that I’d also grab a little bottle of the shower cream in a matching scent, so I can smell good enough to eat in the mornings too.

My last purchase was a bit of a random one that I grabbed on the way to the tills – a lime bath oil ball. This looks like a teeny little bath bomb, but apparently dissolves to give the same effect as a liquid bath oil would do. It’s slightly squidgy, has the most amazing zesty lime scent and if they weren’t £2 each I’d probably buy them ALL THE TIME.

I can safely say I’ll definitely be heading back to Lush again soon – I love the scale of this store and the amazing variety of products they have. It’s definitely worth a trip next time you’re in central London. Just be prepared to lose an hour in there browsing away!

I’d love to know what your Lush favourites are – is there something else I should look out for next time I go hauling?

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