The best dry shampoos for all budgets

Dry shampoo has literally been a life-changer for me. Gone are the days of having to do a daily hair wash just to get a non-greasy fringe. All I need now is a can of dry shampoo and a few minutes and I'm good to go.

There are some incredibly good dry shampoos on the market right now, and some that will leave even grey hair looking like it had a fight with some talcum powder. Bad times. I've been putting a selection to the test to find the ones that will leave you with clean, nice smelling hair, without that tell-tale 'ghosting' some leave behind. 

N.B all dry shampoos will leave some residue if you spray them on 2 inches away from your hair. Hold the can about 8-12 inches away and spray in a fine mist for the best results.

the best dry shampoos for all budgets
Swell Dry Shampoo* - Swell products were designed with fine or thinning hair in mind, but I'd recommend this dry shampoo to pretty much everyone! It's the only non-aerosol of the three featured here. Instead, it uses a manually powered pump to spray a fine mist of product where needed. I love the fact this adds a bit of volume, while also making my hair feel incredibly clean and soft at the same time. As it's non-aerosol, it's in a much smaller bottle than the others, however easily packs in a good month or two of product and it's a great option if you're looking for something more travel-friendly. £20 

Touch of Silver* - don't be fooled by the brand name, while they might make certain products for grey/blonde hair, this dry shampoo will work fantastically on any colour. It's virtually invisible once sprayed into the hair and you only need a small amount to refresh roots and fringes. This is also a great styling product as it adds a bit of lift when used around the crown, but won't leave you with horribly tangled hair. £2.29

CoLab - the original CoLab formula is amazing at giving hair a quick refresh, adding a hint of volume and making hair feel lovely and clean without loads of powdery residue. Stay clear of the Extreme Volume version as it tends to look very powdery and make hair knotty, but the original stuff is fantastic! The choice of fragrances is also really good - my favourite is the fruity New York scent - and at about £3 per can, it's great value.

What's your favourite dry shampoo?

*PR samples


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