Bodhi Pep Noir body wash and body lotion

Bodhi make luxury skincare and bathing products, from natural ingredients and are my new love, ever since trying their Mint The body wash!

Skin Nutrition kindly sent me two of Bodhi's Pep Noir products to try out, and I couldn't wait to try them!

The Pep Noir body wash* and body lotion* contain a spicy smelling combination of black pepper, white thyme and bergamot. Designed to energise you, they really live up to expectations!

Like all Bodhi products, these are both formulated without synthetic ingredients, aren't tested on animals and contain ethically sourced ingredients.

My initial thoughts on these products was that the smell was a bit overwhelming. The first scent I caught was the black pepper and was a bit worried I would come out of the shower smelling like a condiment.

I needn't have worried, as once I actually used them in, and after my shower, the scent mellowed slightly  and I found that I really enjoyed the energising scent of the body wash.

All Bodhi products are designed to be unisex, however I would definitely say that Pep Noir swings slightly towards the more masculine side of the camp. If you aren't a fan of spicy, strong scents, these aren't for you. I prefer the body wash over the body lotion, purely as I find the scent lingers quite strongly with the body lotion and interferes with my perfume. The actual formula of the body lotion is fab - really light but gives super soft skin all day. I would just prefer it in another scent.

The body wash and body lotion retail for £23 each. Pricey? Yes, but these bottles are full of good ingredients, which to me helps to justify the price. I like these as a treat, and one that I definitely won't be sharing with my other half who slaps on shower gel like it's going out of fashion.

Have you tried anything from Bodhi before?

*This post contains PR samples - my views are honest as always.

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  1. I love Bodhi, I tried the pep noir body lotion and was surprised by the scent I thought it was going to be stronger, I would probably only use it at night though. I adore Jasmine falls and Ylang Ylang incense, and now my latest passion is palmarosa verde. I can't say enough good things about this brand I love them! x

    1. ooh, I haven't tried those fragrances, but am in love with the Mint The! In fact, I think I just love Bodhi :)

  2. Very impressed with Bodhi, I will have to try these too, as I hear all their products are just lovely!

    1. I think all their products are fab. Next on my list is the face oil! x

  3. I love Mint The, Jasmine Falls and Ylang Ylang Incensa. I found Pep Noir too masculine smelling for my liking x

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  5. This has a really pretty smell to it. Love it!

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