Jamela 24k Gold eye masks

Hands up who wants firmer, more radiant looking eyes? Well, that's what these 24K gold collagen under eye masks* from Jamela Skincare promise.

Jamela 24k gold collagen eye masks
The masks

I saw these over on Pampered Prince a while back and Jamela very kindly offered to send me a couple of sets to try out for myself.

The masks are kidney bean shaped and are designed to sit underneath your eye. They contain collagen, plus 24k mineral gold, which together help to firm skin, remove toxins, brighten your complexion and moisturise at the same time.

You apply each pair - one under each eye - and sit back and relax for about half an hour whilst they work their magic. I took this time out to not only take a 'selfie' but also to chill out with my book. 

Me wearing Jamela 24k gold collagen eye masks
Wearing the masks - no makeup (scary)! 
As the masks don't have any kind of 'glue' to hold them on, I would recommend moving around as little as possible while you're wearing them. Although mine stayed perfectly still, I think these are best for 'pamper time', rather than slapping them on and doing the housework! 

Half an hour later, I peeled them off, and was left with the results below - under my eyes felt a lot firmer, plus also looked smoother and a little brighter. 

After using Jamela 24k gold collagen eye masks
After using the masks
The effects lasted a couple of days for me, which I didn't think was too bad given that i'd showered and cleansed as normal after using them. 

The masks retail at £32.50 for 16 pairs, making them about £2 per use. They are pricey, but I think I would repurchase them myself as a treat (and partly for the novelty of wearing gold on my face). As well as the under eye masks, they also make ones for your whole face, neck, boobs and lips. If you fancy giving them a try, you can purchase them from the Jamela Skincare website

Would you try gold masks? 



  1. I've tried the Jamela 24k Gold Face mask and just like this eye mask, it really brightened up my entire skin. Just makes me not want to put any make-up on afterwards cos it was bright and clear. xo


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