How To Get Rid Of Those Meh Moods In 6 Easy Ways

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‘Meh’ days. We all have them. Hell, I’ve been feeling pretty ‘meh’ for the past few weeks on and off and sometimes you just have to give yourself a kick up the backside and say ‘ok now, it’s time to move on’.

My own ‘meh’ mood has been down to a combination of general life stress, tiredness and a whole load of ‘am I doing this well enough’ around my blog, which when all combined, have led to me feeling uninspired, lacklustre and like I generally just want to hibernate.

Now, I can’t change all of those things all at once, but what I have done is create a few easy steps to work my way back into a better, more positive frame of mind. If you’re feeling a bit shit at the moment, give them a try and I hope that they’ll help make a difference.

Turn off social media 
Our social media addictions can make us feel grumpy and inadequate at the best of times, so put your phone down and step WELL away from it for a while. Less distractions will help you focus better and the constant stream of filtered positivity will only make you feel worse. Unless you only follow accounts made up of cute animals, in which case, keep watching.

Do something physical 
My natural reaction when I feel a bit rubbish is to sit on the sofa and curl up in a blanket with a packet of Maryland cookies and a large G&T. While this might be great in the short term, it doesn’t really help and I often end up feeling sorry for myself and crying over episodes of Don’t Tell The Bride (seriously, who lets a man choose their wedding dress for them?!). Give yourself a burst of endorphins and go do something physical instead. It doesn’t have to be a massive sweat-fest, just a gentle walk or a few sets of squats will do. Anything to get you moving and away from the sloth pose.

Go and hug someone 
Your mum, your boyfriend, the dog, next door’s cat. Whatever. Make it a really decent, long hug and have a little cry if you need to.

Eat something with vegetables in 
Like the Maryland cookies example above, while it’s tempting to face plant a box of Asda’s chocolate covered mini donuts, you’ll feel better if you feed your body something vaguely nutritious. Get some decent protein in you, a nice helping of carbs and pack it out with veg on the side. Make it simple – you want to save your energy for all those squats. If you still NEED something after that, then go for the chocolate. At least you can feel semi-smug.

Turn up the music 
Put your feel good songs on and go for it. Dance around your living room, sing along loudly, whatever. Avoid any music that makes you feel emotional or reminds you of a bad time – we’re all about creating the happy bives right now. For me it would be a toss up between Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours and some sort of Motown megamix. It’s hard not to want to join in when you have really loud 70s disco music playing, trust me.

Plan something exciting
Sometimes the ‘meh’ comes from life just being a little bit too ‘life’. Routines are great, but they can take it out of you a bit. Get a date in the diary to see a friend, plan a day out somewhere new or even book a full on holiday. The more things you have to look forward to, the better. I'm currently counting down to a spa day (HELLO MASSAGE) and a day at the Harry Potter Studio Tour with Leanne (totally not my 3rd time, nuh uh).

What are your top tips for lifting your mood?

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