This Week I'm Loving #2

This week's favourites
This week's favourites
Well, I said in my first weekly favourites post that it would be an irregular feature and it turns out it’s been even less regular than I had initially planned. Oops. I do love a good roundup post, but wanted to change tack slightly and talk about a wider selection of things that I’ve been enjoying this week/over the past few weeks rather than just all the top beauty products.

I know this will probably be an unpopular one, but I have been SO happy to see the weather turning colder. I flipping love autumn and everything that comes with it, especially cold sunny days at the seaside. Yes please. Add in the fact I can now wear all my favourite boots and an actual jacket without sweating to death and it’s been a winner of a week as far as I’m concerned.

As someone who doesn’t drink coffee, I always get a bit sad when it’s Pumpkin Spiced Latte season and I’m not getting involved. That all changed after discovering the amazing Spiced Pumpkin Pie tea from Bluebird Tea Company, which mingles all the best bits of autumn into a delicious mug of chai tea. The only bad bit about it is that it’s limited edition, so I might have to stockpile in advance to keep me going for the rest of the season. I also had a taste of the Choco Pops tea and OMG YUM.

This week I’ve been trying to be a better blogger and actually catch up on some of my favourites. It’s all too easy to let blog reading slide when you have about a gazillion things to do, but I’ve really enjoyed spending some time with Vintage Vixon, Hannah Gale, Expat Makeup Addict, Beauty Junkie London, Makeup Savvy and Frock Me I’m Famous this week.  

The colder weather does mean it’s time to bust out the hand cream, so a tube of Jurlique’s finest is going into every bag I own, along with a giant tube of the rose scented one on my desk. It also means stepping up the moisturiser, so I’ve switched to YesTo Coconuts Souffle (full review over here) which is lovely and rich but not so heavy all your makeup slips off an hour later.

L’Oreal’s Miss Hippie Waterproof mascara has also been top of my makeup list this week – it’s very rare that I love a high street mascara but I love the volume you get from this one! Giorgio Armani’s new Lip Magnets also need a special mention ahead of a proper review next week. These semi-matte liquid lipsticks are DIVINE and I can’t get enough of them at the moment.

One thing I haven’t been loving is exercise and I really need to change that. At the moment I’m in danger of going into full on sloth mode with some quality PJs and a whole load of white chocolate fingers, so I really need to give myself a kick start and find something fun to do in the colder, darker months. Any suggestions?

Last up, is the Lulu Guinness Vaseline collaboration. It’s hard not to love Lulu Guinness’ quirky range of bags, so when this popped up on social media, I knew it would be popular. I went into 3 Boots stores before finally finding some (very popular, apparently!) so got over excited and bought four. Yup, four. As someone who doesn’t use Vaseline very often, it seems excessive, but I’ll be giving these to friends and family as little stocking fillers come Christmas and keeping one for myself in my keepsakes drawer. They’re £2.99, but the super cute tin is well worth the extra spend!

What have you been loving this week?

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