The ultimate guide to waxing your lady garden

The ultimate guide to lady waxing
The ultimate guide to lady waxing
This is a bit of a weird fact, but it’s time to let you know that I am REALLY passionate about good bikini waxing. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve ended up talking Bikini/Brazilian/Hollywood waxing with my girlfriends over a few drinks and I’ve been horrified with some of the stories they’ve come out with. Last weekend was one, quite large, example of this – we were at a friend’s birthday party and the topic came around to summer holidays and fuzzy pubes and why bikini waxing was the devil.

Many of them have been permanently scared off of a lady wax due to uneven waxes with a distinctly wonky landing strip, horrific in-growing hairs post-wax and god forbid, actual bruises on their vagina. Now, as someone who is a regular lady wax customer, I’ve seen a few of these myself in years gone by and it’s virtually always down to bad waxing techniques and dodgy aftercare.

So after a looooong discussion with my friends this weekend, I thought it was high time to write up my top tips for picking a decent waxer, after care tips and why you should never, ever put wax strips near your lips (and no, not the ones on your face).

Bikini/Brazilian/Hollywood - how much hair do you want them to take? Have a think before you book your appointment as different waxes require different amounts of time and usually cost different amounts. A Bikini wax will just tidy up around the edges of your knicker line, a Brazilian goes much further, leaving just a landing strip down the centre and a Hollywood is an all-over balding (including your bum hole if there are any strays!). Can't believe I just said bum-hole on my blog. That's definitely a first. Anyway...you can also expect the waxer to pull the tweezers out to catch any leftover hairs after they do the main waxing.

Do some research - you wouldn't just rock up at a random hairdresser's and hope that they can work their magic on your hair, so it makes sense to do the same sort of research on a good waxer. Find one that you trust and stick to them like glue (or wax, ha ha). You want a salon that is clean, up on good techniques and that makes you feel comfortable. Ask your friends who they would recommend, look for blog reviews or check out the trusty Trip Advisor or Google ratings. If you're based in London, Ministry of Waxing will ALWAYS be my first pick as they are super clean, efficient and even give you a little stress ball to squeeze while they wax you to take your mind off of any pain.

Try not to be self-conscious - it can be a really weird experience baring your lady bits to a total stranger, but trust me, they see dozens of different ones every single day. If you're having anything other than the traditional bikini wax (which just tidies up the edges) you'll need to be naked on your bottom half for the best finish. Paper pants can give some sense of modesty, but to be honest, they usually just get in the way. Wear a longer top instead so you feel a bit more covered up and just try not to stress about it.

Hygiene, Technique and Hot Wax - a good salon/waxer will always always always use a fresh wooden stick every time they dip into the wax and throw it away afterwards. I'd also recommend avoiding the traditional wax and cotton strip approach for lady waxing. Instead, ask if the salon uses hot wax, which doesn't need any strips - it's normally less painful and produces less redness. Hot Wax is much thicker and is spread directly on to the skin, where it's left to cool. It then gets picked off, pulling the hairs out with it. It doesn't grip your skin, so normally hurts a lot less and is great for any delicate areas. You also want to ensure you keep the skin taught in the areas you're having waxed to reduce the risk of potential bruising/more redness. The waxer should guide you through where to put your hands (if needed), but most of the time they are able to do this themselves.

Aftercare - looking after yourself post-wax is really important to help stop ingrowing hairs or any prolonged redness. Don't have your Brazilian wax the day before you go on holiday - try to give it at least 48 hours to calm down. The salon will normally smooth on some sort of cooling balm straight after you have a wax, if you can grab an extra sachet or two to take home, even better. Australian Bodycare do a great post-wax range with tea tree oil in - it soothes the skin but also helps avoid ingrowing hairs. Don't wear really tight knickers for a few days after you wax and once you start getting to the 1-2 week mark, a VERY gentle exfoliation in that area can help to prevent those nasty ingrowing hairs.

So those are all my top tips for a successful lady wax. It's really not as scary as it can seem - I find my eyebrow threading appointments are more painful than a Brazilian!

Are you a fan of waxing? What would your top tips be?

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