New in: bath and shower treats

bath and shower treats from Soap & Glory and Rituals
bath and shower treats from Soap & Glory and Rituals
I have to hold my hands up right now and confess that I'm not really a bath kinda gal. Give me a decent shower any day of the week and I'll be happy. Especially if I've got one of these little beauties to lather up with (and no, I'm not talking Johnny Depp here, although that would be more than fine, ha ha).

Soap & Glory's new Clean On Me Shower Jellies are a fruity, fun alternative to a traditional shower gel. They have a slightly more jelly like texture and come in a lime-scented 'Sugar Crush' version or a rose and bergamot infused 'Original Pink'. When mixed with water they change texture, melting into a moisturising foam wash. You only need a little bit per use, although it's far too tempting to use more as they smell so good!.

They're very refreshing and have been a much-loved treat in the shower during the recent heat wave in the UK. Being pale and ginger means I'm not a natural summer person (understatement of the year), so I've very much enjoyed using these to keep cool and refreshed in the mornings/evenings (and yes I have been showering twice a day because London Underground + 30 degree heat = bad times). They're £5.50 each, and available now at Boots.

I always think of Rituals as a brand to go to when I want a little spa style treat at home. They've managed to master the art of reasonably affordable, luxurious-feeling products that really do mimic some of their spa treatments. The Ritual of Karma range is part of their limited edition summer line up, so go stock up if you fall in love with it as it won't be around for too long. #enabler.

The Ritual of Karma focuses around the principle of good karma and the fact that if you do good, then good things will come your way. I'm not quite sure how a shower oil can help with this, but maybe the delicious scent of white lotus and bergamot will put you in such a good mood that your positive vibes will be flung out to everyone you meet that day. It certainly left me feeling much less grumpy and ready to face the world! The oil turns into a soft foam when mixed with water and once rinsed away, leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft.

They also have matching body scrubs, body creams and shower foams in the Karma range, with prices starting at £8.50 for the shower oil and shower foam.

What are your current favourite bath and shower treats?

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