Primark PS...Pro Oval Blending Makeup Brushes - an affordable Artis dupe?

Primark Oval blending brushes Artis Dupe - review
Primark Oval blending brushes Artis Dupe - review
Primark Oval blending brushes Artis Dupe - review
Primark Oval blending brushes Artis Dupe - review
Primark on top, Artis on the bottom
Primark’s upcoming beauty launches are serious on point. A recent visit to their Autumn/Winter press day left me absolutely buzzing – not just because of ALL the amazing fashion items (I’m looking at you leopard print coat of dreams) but because they had some super exciting new makeup brushes that I knew you guys would love.

My mum still likes to remind me of my absolute refusal to enter a Primark when they first launched into the UK 15+ years ago, which considering my love for them now is hard to believe. Although they weren’t quite so fashion forward back then as they are now!

The new range of oval-shaped makeup brushes from PS…Pro are a definite dupe for high-end brand Artis (see my review of one of their brushes over here), but come in at less than a tenth of the cost. Prices start at just £2.50 and go up to around £4, making them a seriously affordable alternative on the high street.

First impressions are really good. The synthetic bristles are nice and dense, feel super soft and do a great job at effortlessly buffing in makeup for a seamless finish. They work equally well with both powder and liquid products, although you may find you need to use a little more product as they tend to suck up quite a bit into the bristles.

I’ve been testing out three of the sizes – the smallest of which is great for eye shadow blending, concealer or smaller areas around the nose. The medium sized one is virtually a perfect dupe for Artis’ Oval 6, making it the most multi-purpose brush of the lot. I like to use this for foundation, but it’s equally good for blusher, highlighter or your contouring products. At £3 each, it’s well worth buying several of these so you can use them for everything without having to be constantly washing your brush.

The largest-sized is best for overall foundation blending or for a big wash of bronzer across the skin. I prefer the slightly smaller brush for my foundation as I find it more precise, but this one works really well if you’re in a hurry and just want a quick finish.

Although I’ve only washed these once so far, I have to say they definitely retain their softness post-shampoo. Like the Artis ones, they do tend to grab onto product, so you need to be very thorough when you wash them, especially if you’ve used them for liquid foundation. One shampoo might not be enough, so be prepared to put a bit of effort it. It’s also best to let them dry with the bristles facing the floor so water doesn’t run into the glue – it should help them last much longer this way.

From a comparison point of view, the Primark offering is VERY similar to the Artis brushes. The handles feel a little more cheap and I suspect there aren't *quite* as many bristles used per brush head (I'm not counting them, ha ha), but the difference when you use them is very minimal.

All in all I’m very impressed with this new range of brushes from Primark. They're hitting stores as we speak, so keep an eye out as I suspect they will sell out pretty fast!

Do you like the look of the new brushes from Primark? Will you be tempted to buy some of these high end dupes?

*contains PR samples

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