Last-Minute Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day gift guide
Father's Day gift guide
Father's Day gift guide
Ok folks, it’s one week to Father’s Day and that means gift guide time. Yes it’s last minute, yes that was (mostly) intentional and yes, you might want a few of these goodies for yourselves. My Dad is my hero, but an awkward person to buy gifts for, mostly because he never wants anything more exotic than a CD. Last year I took him to see The Who in Hyde Park which we both loved and made a really nice day out for a father/daughter bonding session.

What that does mean is that this year might be a little less exciting in terms of his present – it’s currently looking like a giant box of Hotel Chocolate Turkish Delight, some aftershave and a super spicy lunch at his favourite thai restaurant.

So here are a few of my top ‘Dad gift’ picks if you’re still hunting around for ideas for the big day. I’ve tried to cater for all budgets, and let’s face it, most Dads just want to spend a day with their child (especially if you’re grown up and no longer live at home, ha ha) so a homemade meal and a giant hug often go further than any shop bought gift.

Aftershave – it’s a classic gift idea but one that I think most Dad’s will appreciate. Dolce & Gabbana’s The One smells warm and spicy without being overpowering. The grapefruit, basil and coriander top notes help to lift the cedarwood and tobacco base notes and the heavy, smoked glass bottle looks really expensive. 30ml EDT starts at £40, but if you can push the budget a bit, then a 100ml bottle is £66ish, making it much better value. On the other hand, the new Mr. Burberry scent is more of a classic fragrance for men, but one that manages to be both light and warm at the same time. Again, there’s hints of grapefruit notes at the top, with vetiver and smokey guiac wood at the base. It’s a similar price to The One – 30ml is £40 and 100ml is £65.

Gig tickets/music gifts – musical gifts always seem to go down well with my family – I have my parents to thank for my obsession with 60s and 70s rock bands! Tickets to see their favourite band will always be a special treat, but if there’s nothing coming up you think your Dad might like, an autobiography of their favourite artist would also be a great pick.

A family photo – for a really meaningful gift on a small budget, a framed family photo can be a lovely gift. It could be one taken from a recent event, when you were little or even taken especially for the occasion. Grab your photo, pick out a nice frame (TK Maxx and Wilko do great budget ones) and you’re all set to go.

Pamper kit – more and more men seem to be up for a bit of a pamper session, so why not treat Dad to a massage voucher at a local spa or a really good haircut somewhere? The Bomb have got some cute gift sets for men this Father’s Day. Inside the ‘Distinguished Gentleman’ kit features five products that have been created especially for men, for just £12.99. There’s the Dapper Chap Soap, Wave Hello Shower Gel, The Distinguished Gentleman Body Lotion, Man Grenade and The Big Blue Soap. It comes ready gift wrapped, so there’s minimal effort on your part!

Chocolate/sweets – if your Dad is anything like mine, he will say that he doesn’t have a sweet tooth but will quite happily munch his way through a bag of pic n mix if you leave it lying around (I did this once and came home after work to find what had been a very full bag with only 2 white chocolate mice left in it). Hotel Chocolat has some great options for all budgets and tastes – from my Dad’s favourite Turkish Delight, right through to some spicy dark chocolate chilli chocolate that will certainly liven things up a bit!

Experience days – there are tons of vouchers you can buy online right up to the last minute, covering everything from Ferrari race days through to parachute jumps. You could also make your own voucher for something really personal to your dad. Maybe there’s a brewery or vineyard nearby that does tours you could take him on, or the promise of his favourite meal cooked for him – pick something that appeals to his hobbies and you can’t go far wrong.

What will you be buying your Dad this Father’s Day?

*contains PR samples

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