7 things to consider before dyeing your hair red

So you're thinking of joining the ginge crew. Having been a member for 31 years now, I can fully confirm that going red is a totally great decision. I've recently enhanced my naturally strawberry blonde locks with a fantastic colour session at John Frieda (full post on that to come shortly) and couldn't be happier. However before you go red, there are a few things to bear in mind, and a few products I'd recommend purchasing to ensure your new hair stays looking lovely for as long as possible. 

products to help protect red hair
1. It doesn't suit everyone - have an honest chat with your hairdresser. While you might dream of flowing auburn locks, it might be that there's a better shade suited to your complexion instead. 

2. It washes out faster than any other colour - for some reason red pigment is the quickest to fade and wash out, so try to steer clear of daily washing and stick to gentle shampoos aimed at coloured hair. 

3. So be prepared to spend a lot of time/money/both on upkeep. We're talking every 4 weeks people. 

4. Sulfate-free shampoo will become your BFF. It's much more gentle than the regular stuff, so won't strip out your colour so quickly. Try the Maria Nila range*, which is fantastic for all types of coloured hair or Balance Me's Protect and Shine range* for added radiance and shine. 

4. You'll struggle to wear bright pink lipstick any more without looking like a massive colour clash - sounds like a small problem, except for when over 50% of your lipsticks are variations on fuschia pink. 

5. Roots are a bitch. Whether you're naturally lighter or darker than the red shade you've chosen, trust me when I say root growth is OBVIOUS and rarely in that lovely 'oh look at my natural ombre' look. Color Wow Root Cover Up* will be a lifesaver when it comes to blending in regrowth in between colours - the new red shade miraculously covers up any root growth and is completely inconspicous. It's also water-resistant so won't run down your face if you get caught in the rain. 

6. Dry shampoo designed for red hair is generally rubbish. The few I've tried don't seem to work as well as the uncoloured stuff and generally leave a trail of fine red powder on everything it touches. My hair brush actually changed colour after a few days of use; not exactly ideal. 

7. You may need a new wardrobe. Colours that looked amazing on you as a blonde/brunette might not look quite so lovely once you go red. And vice versa - there are ones that you never thought you could wear that now look the bomb. All in all, it's a great excuse to go shopping. 

Have you ever dyed your hair red? What would be your top tip for maintaining your colour? 

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