Treatment: Universal Contour Wrap at the HydroHealing Spa Notting Hill

I’ve always been fascinated by different types of beauty treatments. It’s amazing what we put ourselves through for a bit of hair removal or better looking skin. One treatment that’s been on the top of my ‘must-try’ list for years in the Universal Contour Wrap, or as I like to call it ‘looking like a mummy in the pursuit of trimming down a few inches’.

The UCW is pretty impressive when you look at it on paper. It guarantees a minimum loss of 6 inches from the treatment and promises what you’ll keep these off for up to 30 days, so long as you don’t actually put any weight on in that time. My sceptical brain thought that this was probably a bit of a marketing gimmick, but in the interests of research, I decided to give it a try for myself.

HydroHealing Spa Notting Hill
universal contour wrap in progress
Wrapped up and ready to go!
I popped along to the HydroHealing Spa in London’s Notting Hill, which is tucked away just moments away from the famous Portobello Road. HydroHealing offer a wide range of treatments, from the usual mani/pedis, right through to colonic irrigations. The spa itself is very clean, warm and full of lovely staff. The UCW doesn’t really allow for much modesty, so having a therapist that makes you feel comfortable while you stand in front of her naked bar a paper thong while she rubs clay all over you is really quite important!

The wrap itself is a multi-stage process. First up, you have to strip down to the aforementioned paper thong, don a hair cap and get ready to be measured EVERYWHERE. They measure you in over a dozen places across your body, marking each one with a pen, so they can perform accurate ‘after’ measurements after the treatment is finished.

Next up, a thin layer of mineral infused clay is rubbed all over your body, and then you’re wrapped up in clay soaked bandages everywhere from the neck down. The bandages themselves are applied pretty tightly, so if you are incredibly claustrophobic, I don’t think this treatment will be for you, but it’s not tight to the point of being uncomfortable.

Once you’ve been mummified, you don a highly attractive plastic space suit and then the therapist helps you to hop up onto the treatment bed before covering you over with lovely warm towels. HydroHealing offer a mini facial as part of the UCW, which is a really nice treat (especially as they use REN products to do it!) and once that’s finished, you’re left to relax for around half an hour until it’s time for the bandages to come off.

You get measured again post-bandage removal and all the measurements are totted up to give an overall total. I lost 7 inches from across my body, with an entire inch from my waist and almost another whole one from around my bum. Now, I know it’s not going to be a miracle worker long term, but I was quite impressed with how ‘flat’ everything felt, especially around my tummy area.

One small downside (and one I hadn’t realised beforehand) was that even after the bandages come off, they leave the residual clay on your skin and recommend you leave it on for as long as possible (i.e. don’t shower for over 24 hours). As I had made plans to meet a friend straight afterwards, I had to brush quite a lot of it off so I didn’t look like I had some sort of skin disease when I left, which was a bit of a shame. If you plan to have one of these treatments, aim to do it at a time when you can just go home and chill out, so you can get the maximum benefits from having it done.

Several weeks on, I have remeasured myself and been really impressed with the results. I have stayed the same weight, and my waist measurement has remained almost exactly the same as it was post-treatment.

If you have a big event coming up, or want to try and de-bloat before a holiday, then I would definitely recommend having a UCW at HydroHealing a few days before. I’ve been so impressed with the overall results and will definitely be going back in future for another wrap just before a friend’s wedding.

The Universal Contour Wrap costs £105 (including mini facial) and lasts for approximately two hours.

You can find the full range of treatments available at the HydroHealing spa via their website.

Have you ever tried a body wrap treatment?

*treatment provided for review purposes, all opinions my own

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