Diva Pro Styling Genesis Straighter Review

Like a lot of women, I’m never far away from a pair of hair straighteners. Now, I don’t mean that I carry some around in my bag with me at all times (although this could be great for fringe emergencies!), but I am a *tiny* bit addicted to mine and if they broke, I would probably cry. A lot.

I recently swapped out my trusty GHDs for a pair from Diva Pro Styling, which are part of their luxury Genesis range. Diva are a brand that you might not have heard of before, but they’ve got a massive range of hair tools and are used in many professional salons.

Diva pro styling genesis straighteners

The Genesis Straighteners* are their top of the range styler – coming in at £119.99, these definitely rival GHD in price, but I was intrigued to see how they would compare in terms of performance.

What I initially liked about these straighteners was the fact that they had an adjustable heat setting. If there’s one bug bear I have with GHDs it’s that they don’t let you modify the temperature that they run at. The Genesis straighteners can be set at anything from 160 to 230 degrees, making it easy to get the right setting for your individual hair type.

They also heat up ridiculously fast, even to the hottest settings. I timed them and it took less than 30 seconds to get to 230 degrees, less time than it takes for me to section my hair off ready to straighten. The cord is also nice and long, so you don’t have to sit right next to your plug socket in order to do the back of your head!

The straightening process itself is also really quick – the macadamia and keratin infused ceramic plates are incredibly smooth and give hair a high shine finish and I usually only need one pass through each section of my hair to get it looking smooth and sleek. Diva explained that the reason these straighteners work so well is because they have a heating element all the way through the plate section, meaning the temperature stays constant throughout styling. A lot of cheaper brands use shorter heating elements so give less even results, so it’s definitely something to bear in mind when you’re investing in your next pair!

I love the fact that they’ve included a heat mat and carry bag, as it means I don’t run the risk of burning my dressing table while I’m using them and the bag makes it easy to pop them in my suitcase when I go away.

All in all I’ve been really impressed with these straighteners. So impressed in fact that I haven’t switched back to my GHDs which are currently sat unloved in the bottom of my wardrobe! Yes, they are a little pricey, but if you’re looking to invest in a good quality pair of straighteners, then I’d definitely recommend these.

You can find the Genesis Straighteners online from Diva Pro Styling, Selfridges and Sally’s beauty stores.

Do you like the sound of these straighteners? Could you be tempted away from a trust pair of GHDs?

*PR sample


  1. I normally have GHDs, but I've tried other brands and some have definitely managed to almost match up! I really like ones with heat control, sometimes a high heat is too much for my damaged hair!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  2. They must be pretty good to put aside GHD's!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. My salon use a lot of diva products and they always make my hair really soft and shiny. I don't know if I can bring myself to part with my beloved ghds though!


  4. My other half's mum bought me Diva's Feel The Heat S1 Titanium Stylers just over a year ago for Christmas and I love them as they make my hair feel smooth and shiny as well as giving me the straightness I want. X



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