Salon Science AquaCacteen hair care review

Our scalps are one of the areas that don't seem to get a lot of love in the blogging world. They're not the most glam of topics, but if you've ever suffered from a dry, sensitive or irritated scalp you'll know it's not a great deal of fun.

I definitely fall into that category - my scalp gets very dry and despite using regular moisture treatments for my hair nothing really does the trick in the scalp department.

Salon Science AquaCacteen hair care range

Salon Science are a new hair care brand that will shortly be launching in Boots. Developed by a team of plant stem cell and bio-active experts in Switzerland, they target specific hair issues using powerful plant extracts.

I've been testing out their AquaCacteen range which is designed to help soothe irritated scalps and promote better scalp health. Salon Science focus on scientific results rather than just making a cosmetic difference to hair, which is really great to see.

In the AquaCacteen range there's lots of products to choose from; the usual shampoo, conditioner and deep treatment mask but also some ingenious product ideas such as a cooling scalp spray and a scalp exfoliator. All are infused with AquaCacteen (an organic cactus extract) which works to soothe, calm and cool distrssed scalps, while hydrating it at the same time.

At the launch I was a bit bemused by the idea of exfoliating your scalp, but after trying it, I'm pleased to say I'm a total convert! We often spend lots of time removing dead skin cells from our face and body through exfoliation to make skin feel refreshed and healthy and doing the same for your scalp completely makes sense. The Hydrafoliant Scalp Scrub needs to be applied to your scalp in small sections all around your head before massaging in (do this on dry hair). Shampoo twice to make sure you get rid of all traces of the product and then condition as normal. Not only does this help the scalp stay healthy, it also removes some of the product residue that shampoo doesn't always get.

I also really like the Hydrasoothe Cooling Spray which I think is perfect for summer. It contains AquaCacteen, aloe and bisabolol to help soothe scalps and would be a great addition to your holiday travel bag for applying after a few hours in the sun. You can apply it throughout the day to damp or dry hair and really does leave your scalp feeling refreshed and cooled.

The Salon Science range is mid to high end, with shampoos and conditioners costing £13-£15 and styling products starting at £14. If there's one product from the range you buy, I'd urge it to be the scalp exfoliator.  It's become a regular part of my hair care regime and I can really feel the difference in how healthy my scalp looks and feels.

They also offer ranges for ageing hair that needs a protein boost, thinning hair or hair loss and a repair and radiance range for coloured hair - so there's something for all types of hair complaints. 

Do you like the sound of this range? What do you think of a scalp exfoliator? 

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  1. I'd love to try the scalp exfoliator! I quite like the sound of the cooling spray too :) xx



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