Crownbrush blusher palette review

Crownbrush are a brand most commonly know for their good quality, amazing value makeup brushes. But on top of a huge line up of brushes, they also make a range of makeup palettes that are guaranteed to make any beauty addicts eyes light up.

The 10 colour blusher palette has probably every shade of blusher you'd ever need. And then some.
Containing a range of pinks, peaches and soft plums all in powder finishes, the Crownbrush Blusher Palette is a must have for any powder blusher fan.

Crownbrush 10 colour blusher palette

Crownbrush 10 colour blusher palette top row swatches
Top row swatches
Crownbrush 10 colour blusher palette bottom row swatches
Bottom row swatches
While the individual blushers don't have individual names, it's a palette that will work for pretty much any skin
tone. My personal favourites are the second shade on the top row, which looks very natural on pale skin, and the third shade on the bottom row, which is great for adding a small amount of warmth, without going full on bronzer.

The paler pink shades do have a tendency to be slightly lighter in terms of pigmentation, so you may need to build up colour gradually if using these until you get the desired effect.

I love the fact that there's a mix of matte and shimmer blushers included - it's actually nice to see matte shades given more of a preference for a change.

At £14.99, this palette is a total bargain. There aren't many other brands that sell blushers that work out to be £1.50 each and when you think about the range of shades you're getting, it makes it a must-have purchase.

You can find Crownbrush online or at certain beauty trade shows throughout the year, and I definitely recommend adding one of these to your wishlist!

Have you tried any makeup from Crownbrush before? What do you think of this blusher palette?

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  1. I've not heard of this brand before, but this palette looks stunning! I definitely need to expand my blush collection :)

    Style Sunrise


  2. I havent heard of it either but I really want it haha x

  3. This is amazing and so cheap too!


  4. Absolutely love the look of this and have for so long, crownbrush products are amazing!

    Frankie Boo Blog

  5. Ooooo a fabulous post and I am not at all biased hehe!!! xxxxx

  6. Loving this actually and it seems really good value for money! Lovely shades! xx

  7. Never heard of this brand before but the colours are gorgeous and look so pigmented x

  8. I love a good blush! May have to add one of these palettes to my collection ;) x

  9. I think this looks very pretty and such a great selection of shades! I have never tried a Crownbrush brush or product yet!



  10. Thats amazing value for money, and the bottom row especially looks impressive :) x

    Lillies and Lipbalm


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