Trish McEvoy Azure Makeup Planner Review

A few weeks ago I had my first introduction to the Trish McEvoy makeup brand at the launch of her new Azure Makeup Planner Collection*. 

Trish McEvoy is an American makeup artist, famous for her easy 8 step makeup programme, and has created a series of makeup planners which contain everything you need to create your daily makeup (minus brows and base) in a handy kit.

The Azure planner is the latest launch, and is a bit like a makeup Filofax. It's jam-packed with products, containing everything from highlighter to eye primer, and still has lots of space inside to add your own foundation, brow pencil etc. At the launch event, we were lucky enough to meet Trish herself, who took great delight in emptying out my own makeup bag and adding it into the Azure planner to show how much space it had. There really is a lot of room - even with the products provided! 

Trish McEvoy Azure collection makeup planner

Trish McEvoy Azure collection makeup planner

Trish McEvoy Azure collection makeup planner products

Trish McEvoy Azure collection makeup planner products close up

Trish McEvoy Azure collection makeup planner products close up

Trish McEvoy Azure collection makeup planner eye shadow card and face palette

Trish McEvoy Azure collection makeup planner products

Trish McEvoy Azure collection makeup planner eye shadow swatches
Eye Shadow swatches: L-R Deep Aubergine, Rose Quartz, Tawny, Sorbet Peach, Emerald, Glamorous, Romance, Delicate Shell
Trish McEvoy Azure collection makeup planner face palette swatches
Blusher, Highlighter and Bronzer
Trish McEvoy Azure collection makeup planner swatches
Gel Liner, Lip Colour, Instant Eye Lift and Eye Base swatches
Face of the day with Trish McEvoy Azure makeup planner products
Makeup look created using only Azure Planner products and tinted moisturiser

Inside each planner, you get:

- Eye Base Essentials Bare - full size
- Intense Gel Liner Black - luxury travel size
- Beauty Emergency Card for Eyes - eight shadows in a mix of finishes
- Lash Curling Mascara - full size
- Instant Eye Lift Shade 1 - full size
- Bronzer Golden - luxury travel size
- Face Shaper Highlight 1 
- Blush Natural
- Translucent finishing powder - luxury travel size
- Flawless Lip Colour Chic - full size

Out of the products in the planner, I think that the Instant Eye Lift has to be my favourite, although it's a pretty tough one to call! This is a fantastic under eye concealer, that will brighten dark circles and cover imperfections really easily. The Trish method of application is to draw the wand down in a V shape under the eye, and then blend in with a small brush or your finger. Set with a small amount of the Translucent Finishing Powder and you're good to go! 

The mascara is different from most other mascaras I've ever tried. It's a 'tubing mascara', which when applied, wraps around the lashes in teeny little tubes. This gives a very natural, but defined look, and also means it doesn't smudge or run, even during a sweaty exercise session. It does require a different type of removal, as you don't need to use any cleanser - simply run warm water over your lashes and rub gently to remove the mascara. This takes a bit of getting used too, as it comes off in little tubes and almost looks like your lashes are disappearing with it, but rest assured, it's just the mascara! 

I love the fact that you can create a lot of different looks with the products inside this planner. If I were looking to get a set of good makeup basics, this is definitely something I would purchase. It's also great if you're planning to go away on holiday, as you've got pretty much everything you need in one place. 

Trish McEvoy has a range of different planners which have slightly different products and shades in, however the Azure planner is limited edition for the spring/summer. You can find it at Selfridges and it costs £125. 

Despite not having tried Trish McEvoy products before, I can feel myself becoming a convert - they're high end products, but the quality is fantastic and I will definitely be investing in more over the next few months.

Have you tried any Trish McEvoy products before? Do you like the idea of a makeup planner? 

*PR sample


  1. I love the look of this! its such a good idea,

    Catherine x


  2. This is a really good idea, I love the colour of the planner! The make up looks really pretty on you :) xx

  3. Absolutely love the idea x

  4. the planner is everthing. its beautiful and sexy

  5. Trish McEvoy mascara is teh best I ever tried! I would love to get my hands on other products too)

  6. First I heard of Tubing mascara! Trish McEvoy is hard to find in Canada, but I will keep my eyes open!


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