Health & Fitness: Cracking My Mini Egg Addiction with a Little Help From Slissie

Slissie diet aid review
Slissie diet aid review
Slissie diet aid review
Over the past few months I've been trying to make some healthier life choices. I've been heading to the gym regularly, eating better and attempting to cut down on all my favourite sweet treats. Including Mini Eggs, which you'll know pains me greatly as they are one of life’s greatest pleasures (only a minor exaggeration, the love is real). So when Slissie asked if I fancied giving their slimming aid a try, it seemed like a great time to do it.

Slissie is a portable device that releases appetite suppressing flavours, which are designed to help distract you from eating the things you want to avoid (aka Mini Eggs). It's not a diet in itself but more of an extra bit of willpower - something I know I need a hand with every now and again. The science behind it suggests that by smelling and/or tasting specific flavours, it can actually help to reduce cravings and appetite, therefore aiding you in your weight loss journey.

To use the Slissie, you simply attach one of the flavour pods, push the button down, release and suck the tip gently. It’s a little like a vaping device, only minus any vapour – you just get a burst of your chosen flavour.

My starter pack came with super mint, vanilla and fruit flavour pods, although there are other options like milk chocolate, chocolate orange and mint chocolate. Out of the three I preferred the super mint flavour, as it felt quite refreshing and I’ve often chewed gum before to help supress any sweet cravings. I’d be interested to give the chocolate flavours a try as there really are times when all you want is a giant bar of Galaxy and just the flavour might be enough to get rid of the cravings!

I found the Slissie quite easy to use, although you do have to remember to keep it charged up regularly in order not to be disappointed when you have a bad sweet craving! The flavours themselves were a touch on the artificial side, but the concept itself is really good and I have definitely noticed I’ve been reaching for less sweet stuff over the past few weeks. As an ex-smoker, I found it an odd sensation to use a device that reinforces those old hand to mouth behaviours that I had when I was smoking, but I don’t think it would be an issue for most people. I will happily carry on using mine over the next few months and then gradually try to remove it once I feel more confident I can keep my sugar monster at bay.

A three week start kit from Slissie costs £39.99 with refills costing £12.99 for three. You can find Slissie on their website. You can grab 20% off all starter kits with the code KAT20.

Have you ever tried Slissie? Is it something that you’d consider using?

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