This week's favourites #3

Weekly favourites for early November
Weekly favourites for early November
So, it’s officially November now and that means I can unleash ALL the Christmas excitement and not feel guilty at all about it. Other than London suddenly getting ball-freezingly cold in the past few days and not being prepared for it (totally time to go coat shopping!) I am loving the autumnal weather. Although I realise I will probably live to regret this statement when it starts drizzling and my hair doubles in size, but for now, I can cope.

A walk by a local lake and out into the countryside the other day left me with enough Instagram fodder to spam you all for weeks on end – there’s something just so special about all of the colours that this time of year produces. I also tried to give myself a weekend off from wearing my ‘trademark’ liquid liner as to be honest I’ve kind of forgotten what I look like without it, so that was an interesting adjustment.

Top of the beauty pile this week has been the new Moondust Liquid Eyeshadows from Urban Decay. These are super glittery liquid shadows that dry down quite quickly and once dry, really do fix in place. I used a couple of the deeper shades (Magnetic and Vega) to create part of my Halloween look this year and was really impressed at the pigmentation level and minimal glitter fallout throughout the evening. They’re not an everyday product for me, but will definitely make a re-appearance throughout party season for a bit of sparkle.

Shavata’s Defining Pencil has also been a life-saver after my trusty Anastasia Brow Wiz died on me mid-brow the other day and I think I might actually prefer the blonde shade from Shavata as it looks slightly less warm than the Anastasia one. I do feel a *tiny* bit like I’m cheating on my staple product though. Oops.

I also can’t put down this rainbow highlighter from Phee’s Makeup Shop. I’ve raved about her indie brand before, but this one is just a whole new level. The sheen it gives is ridiculous and the colours give THE most beautiful highlight. I’ll have another review coming up of some of her new items, but if you only buy one, make it this one!

It’s been Christmas coffee cup week, so I couldn’t resist getting a couple of wintery drinks to keep me (and Instagram) company. The CafĂ© Nero one is super cute this year and although I’m not a big coffee drinker, they work just as well with a nice cup of tea in! And a biscuit to dunk inside, obviously.

Other things I’ve been loving this week include Wentworth on Amazon Instant Video – I was looking for something I could watch on my commute to work and have now been totally sucked in to it! It’s nice to see the officers and the prisoners given equal billing, with a focus on life in and outside the prison – it definitely helps to give it an extra dimension to the plot. Add into that my cosy Ugg ballet pump style slippers (gotta love a Bicester Village bargain),  some fresh Primark PJs and a Hotel Chocolat selector pack and it’s basically my ideal night in right now. #livingthedream

Next week I’m going to be heading into full Christmas mode, so expect lots of good gift ideas (for you and other people), some cosy night in essentials and a little bit of food related content. Because blog posts are really the only way I like to share food.

What have you been loving this week?

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