The Primark Jumpsuit Of Dreams

Primark Jumpsuit paisley Outfit
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Primark Jumpsuit paisley Outfit Margate Melt Gelato review
Primark Jumpsuit paisley Outfit
I know it's not often that I do fashion posts, but I couldn't resist showing you this little beauty from Primark. Jumpsuits and playsuits are normally something I avoid like the plague as they tend to look awful on my pear-shaped figure, but a random Primark try on session a few weeks ago unearthed a total gem.

This red paisley jumpsuit is possibly the comfiest thing I have owned for years - it's like wearing PJs out in public, but without having to worry that you'll be massively judged by everyone around you. It also fits like a dream - skimming over my ass and thighs, without looking horrifically baggy on my smaller top half. There's also ZERO camel toe, which let me tell you, is really friggin' hard to find.

I wore it this weekend for a day trip out to Margate with my group of besties. The sun was out, but I felt lovely and cool, even though I was fully covereed in the leg department. It wasn't exactly a planned outfit shoot, so forgive the slightly hodgepodge feel to the photos, but you all seemed to be loving it over on Instagram, so I thought I'd show it off properly in all its £17 glory.

Like all jumpsuits, you're going to have to get half naked in order to pee, so factor that in when you decide to wear it (festivals are NOT the one), but the zip at the front makes it pretty quick and painless.

The only *tiny* annoying part is that the tie at the waist is totally decorative and not a drawstring, so you can't pull it in any more if you have a teeny little waist, but I'll let you off on that one Primark as it's so bloody good.

I found this about 2 weeks ago in the Tottenham Court Road branch of Primark, so it should hopefully still be in stores now if you're liking what you see.

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