New York: the haul

New York Sephora and drugstore haul
New York Sephora and drugstore haul
New York Sephora and drugstore haul

Confession time. I went in to 5 different Sephora’s in 5 days in NY. Now, I don’t feel like that’s TOO excessive given the fact that they all seem to be slightly different, but some of your may disagree.

Anyhow, I was determined to try and track down stuff that I couldn’t get in the UK rather than spend all my hard-earned cash on things that were *slightly* cheaper, but easily available at home.

Annoyingly, there seemed to be some sort of Manhattan-wide Kat Von D shortage, as all of the products/shades I was after were out of stock in every single Sephora I went into. Disappointing. I guess I’ll have to make an online order for that instead; clearly everyone wanted the same nude shades as me.

Anyhow, I did manage to spend quite a few $$$ while I was there, mixing it up with Sephora and the drugstores. Duane Reade is the drugstore of choice in New York – they seem to have one on every street. It’s a weird mix of beauty products and groceries, so you can stock up on peanut butter M&Ms while you peruse the tampons and Milani.

If I’m honest, I found the drugstores a little overwhelming – there was so much choice, but they don’t seem to label what’s new, so it was quite hard to pick out bits and pieces without a good ol’ Google session beforehand.

I’d seen the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquids thanks to Jane from British Beauty Blogger, so grabbed one of those and also tracked down some Milani Lip Oils, which seem to be a similar thing to the GOSH ones I reviewed a few weeks ago.

I seem to be allergic to EOS lip balms which sucks as they’re so nice, so instead I bought a mini hand cream from them to keep in my handbag. There was also the obligatory Wet n Wild Walking on Eggshells palette – the perfect neutral eye shadow trio.

Although I’d heard a LOT about Bath & Body Works, I’d never actually been to one before, so made it my mission to get up to the one near the Flat Iron building the day I arrived. The number of scents they stock is just unreal – you need a good hour to browse and sniff your way through the shelves! I ended up with 5 mini pocket anti-bacs in different fruity/citrus scents, as well as two fragrances mists and a matching body cream. I’m kinda wishing I had bought myself a 3 wick candle or two now, but I was a bit worried about fitting it all in my suitcase, so resisted the urge.

Sephora-wise, I knew I had to grab one of the cream lip stains, so I found Pink Souffle a pinky-nude that I know I’ll wear a lot. I also found the new Luster Matte Liquids which are of a similar pigment level, but with a glossier finish, so went a bit bolder on that one and tried out Orchid Luster.

There was an entire counter dedicated to colour-correcting, so thought I'd give their redness corrector a try, as well as picking up the new Blotterazzi by Beauty Blender which seems like an interesting concept! After spending several visits tracking down the new Estee Edit range, I decided to give the Flash Photo Powder a try, as it promises to give an almost Instagram filter finish to your skin. Fingers crossed!

I made a few skincare purchase too - a Sephora sachet mask, Josie Maran's argan trial kit, a mini Glam Glow cleanser (which will hopefully launch here later this year) and a Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Pack which I'd heard very good things about.

As it was my birthday month, I got a little Sephora reward as part of their points card system, giving me a very cute Marc Jacobs beauty duo. I'd highly recommend getting one of their loyalty cards - not only do you get birthday gifts and points, but there are also special offers galore. Even if it's just for a single visit, you can still earn some decent points if you like a good haul!

On our trip to Chelsea Market, Kelsey and I had a quick whizz around all of the craft stalls and I fell in love with the canvas makeup bags. The New York slogan definitely appealed and it's the perfect size to pop in my handbag with all my new makeup. I also found Limegreen, an artisan brand from Brooklyn who make natural skincare and body products. Their Lemongrass oil was too good to resist, so I had to bring a bottle home with me.

At the time it felt like I didn't buy a huge amount, but looking back at it all definitely proves me wrong. Oops. I'll be doing some reviews on a few of these products over the new few weeks - let me know if there's anything you'd like to see more info on!

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