CellCosmet Swiss BodyContour Firming Treatment Review

We're well into the festive season now, with parties popping up all over the place. If like me you've indulged a little too much and the thought of bodycon terrifies you, I think I have the perfect solution.
A few weeks ago, I went along to the The Day Spa in Courtenays in St. John's Wood, London, to try out a firming body treatment from luxury Swiss brand CellCosmet. 

CellCosmet firming body treatment photo

CellCosmet are quite new to the UK but are well known worldwide, and at the moment offer a range of spa treatments in select locations. They'll be launching an exciting range of products to use at home in the new year, but for now it's a spa only brand.

The Swiss BodyContour Firming Treatment* is designed to target problem areas in the lower half of the body, giving everything from the waist down a serious firming boost. While this isn't like your traditional inch loss wrap treatments, it will firm and contour the body and also get to work on any cellulite (which, let's face it, we all have a bit of!).

The treatment itself takes around 90 minutes and combines a body exfoliation,  massage and a slightly odd, but very effective latex style mask.

The mask for me was the most intriguing part of the treatment. What starts off as as a gel texture mask is applied to everywhere from your waist to your knees and left to dry. When dry, it turns into a latex style texture and can just be peeled off.

As you can imagine, application of this is a little messy, so for the most part I had to lie on a plastic sheet on top of the massage bed. Glam it may not have been, but after my treatment was finished, I noticed a visible difference in the cellulite around my bum and thighs and the entire area that had been treated felt much firmer and toned.

The effects lasted around a week, so I think this treatment would be the perfect boost before a big event - especially if you want a little extra help before putting on your fancy frock.

The treatment costs £130 for 90 minutes and is available at a small range of spas in London.  CellCosmet also offer a massive range of facials as well as other body treatments and I'm really excited about the launch of the at home ranges for the new year.

Have you heard of CellCosmet before? Is this treatment something you'd use in the run up to Christmas? 

*Treatment provided for review


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